• ¬Å“Rachelle has amazing customer service skills, from charming new acquaintances to closing a hard sell. She brings a strong work ethic to the table, which, combined with integrity, loyalty and an ability to think outside the box all makes for an outstanding staff member/consultant.  Rachelle understands business not only from a corporate point of view, but also from the consumer angle, a highly desirable, well-rounded outlook.Rachelle¬â„¢s passion for supporting local business has earned her a spot in the hearts of many in the restaurant and small business community of Austin. She is a trusted source of information and relied upon as a key member of social media in our city.  As an artist, Rachelle brings to life emotion and soul, the very concept of which our city captures in its motto of ¬Å“Keep Austin Weird¬Â. Her art (www.rachelleking.com), however, is sincere, mature and beautiful, much like her outlook on life.¬Â

            Kay Marley