Gluten-Free Fast Food Yes or No?

I am not a proponent of eating fast food for my own personal reasons, mainly because I’m trying to watch my weight and eat healthy whole foods.  Now don’t get me wrong, when I’m jammed for time, I do from time to time pop into the drive-thru for a quick bite to eat.  I know how my schedule can be, I’m not married and don’t have children, so I imagine those whom are have just as hectic of a schedule if not more so.  So I thought it better to provide a comprehensive list of gluten-free options for those on the go!

Fast Food Restaurants Offering Gluten-Free Menu’s:

  • Burger King: Offers gluten-free meals.  Make sure to ask for your burger without the bun.  Burger King doesn’t have dedicated fryers so skip the fries, as they are fried in the same oil as the chicken.
  • Hardees:  Offers lettuce wrap in lieu of bun, as well as breakfast bowls/salads.  Skip they fries as Hardees doesn’t have a dedicated fryer so there may be issues with cross contamination.
  • In -N-Out Burger:  This is my fave on the list! Offers letter wrap in lieu of bun; Fries are fresh cut and are cooked in a dedicated fryer so no cross contamination issues.
  • Subway:  Now offering gluten-free bread (ask server as not all locations offer gluten-free bread).  Also make sure server changes gloves and prepares sandwich on the Subway paper wrap so as to reduce and/or avoid cross contamination.
  • Wendy’s:  One of a few that has a dedicated gluten-free menu which includes burgers (bunless), bakes potatoes, salads and their chili.  Some Wendy’s locations have dedicated fryers, but make sure to ask so as to not subject yourself to cross contamination.

As the gluten-free movement continues to grow, I’m sure we’ll see more and more restaurants offering gluten-free options.  I will continue to update this list as well, but remember you can just as easily throw together some healthy options such as veggie snack packs and kind bars so you always have something prepared!


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