Gluten-Free Coconut Macaroons





I first learned how to make gluten-free macaroons when I was running a pie shop/café back in the day and I knew what gluten was, but had no idea I¬â„¢d be living a gluten-free lifestyle today! I was around 19 years old at this time.  The pie shop/café is where I really cut my teeth learning how to develop recipes on my own, as we had customer¬â„¢s come in and ask for special requests.  I¬â„¢ve never been a big fan of coconut personally. I always made these little coconut gems for the pie shop/café or for my mom.  I had hopes I still had the recipe in my green metal recipe box my grandmother had given me?  Going back through old family recipes towards the end of 2012, I found my old hand written recipe card for the coconut macaroons and had a good laugh at how my handwriting has changed over the years.

What I love about these cookies is their so easy to make and really delicious, as well as being a great treat you can eat at home, take to a party or share with your office mates.

Gluten-Free Coconut Macaroons


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