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Well I’m hitting the road again, crossing the pond to the United Kingdom this morning, specifically to spend a few days in London for work.  London is one of my favorite places on this earth, and given any opportunity to go results in an immediate “yes please” from me.  Last time I was in London, it was just a stop over at Heathrow Airport, as I was heading to Istanbul for work back in 2011.  I love London’s Heathrow airport!  It’s retail therapy heaven for me, but more importantly the airport has been expanded over the last few years, so there are so many more restaurants to eat at, especially ones that offer many options for those seeking specialty diet options while traveling.

Here is a list of restaurants & food outlets that offer the following:

Restaurant Name


Halal Kosher Wheat Free Vegetarian


Tin Goose
Caffe Nero




Yo Sushi




Café Rouge




The Five Turns




The Three Bells


X     X


Costa         X  
JD Wetherspoons         X  
Pret-A-Manager         X  
Bridge Bar         X  
Giraffe         X  
Est Bar         X  
Garfunkels         X  
The Globe         X  
Espresso         X  
Giraffe Juice         X  
V Bar         X  
Harlequin         X  
Bite (T3)     X   X  
Caviar House + Prunier Bar            
Pontis         X  
Krispy Kreme         X  
Apostrophe X     X   X
Rhubarb Restaurant & Bar X     X    


British Airways is now offering non-stop service to London via Austin, so I am excited to check out this new route.  I will be officing off Kensington High Street, so I will have access to several local restaurants.  Plus the Whole Foods Market  is right there, so for lunch I think I will grab lunch at Whole Foods and then walk over to Kensington Palace Green or Holland Park.  This will allow me to unplug and just relax and slow down.

I’ve been running at such a hectic pace for several months, so this week while I am working, I want to be in the present moment and really enjoy my time.  Yes of course I will be still tweeting my travel pic’s and food porn, but that’s part of what I love doing!

Wednesday, I will be heading to Oliver’s Fish & Chips.  Every Wednesday, Olivers Fish & Chips serves many dishes, but all are gluten-free!  This practice started off once a month and has now grown to every Wednesday.  I am most excited to be able to return to London and have traditional fish & chips.

Here is info on Olivers Fish & Chips:

Oliver's Fish & Chips

  • 95 haverstock hill
  • NW3 4RL London, United Kingdom
Phone  +44 20 7586 9945
Status  Closed until tomorrow 12:15pm – 10:15pm
 Tue – Sun: 12:15 pm – 10:15 pm


I will also be partaking in afternoon tea with some work mates of mine that are coming along from the US, but we haven’t picked a spot yet so stay tuned!  And of course my usual trip to Harrod’s Food Halls.  I fell in love with the food halls at Harrod’s back in 1996-1997, I’d never seen anything like it in my life.  And for someone who loves food, it’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven.  It will be fun to return to see what they changed if anything – it’s steeped in history and tradition.

One of the other many great things about being part of a food community, is that you have friends all over the world.  So looking forward to having tea with @texpatsabroadas well as meeting up with some other friends.  Many other things on the agenda over the course of the 10+ days – Follow me on Twitter at @BlindedBite and Instagram  to follow my trip, fun pic’s & food porn!

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