Wordless Wednesday

I snapped this picture Sunday while doing some homework and writing a few blog posts.  It’s one of the precious moments your grateful to capture on film and I couldn’t help putting some words to this post!

Harper (who’s full name is Harper Eleanore Joshephine – named after my grandmother) is the latest addition to my brood and I’ve had her almost two years (she was my 2010 Christmas gift).  During Scamps & Scoundrels put on by Austin Dirty Dog (I will forever be grateful to Blair, Sarah K & Liz Bellanti) I was lucky to get Harper from Austin Pets Alive, a great non-profit here in Austin, TX!  Harper had been left in a field when she was just a few days old and through the graciousness of Austin Pets Alive and Foster Mom Faith Wright, I’m a lucky momma!

Clearly Harper is spoiled rotten, as she’s made herself comfortable on the sofa & pillows, hard at work on her latest blog post while awaiting a call from her agent!

Pet Lover?  Donate your time, old blankets and towels to Austin Pets Alive – Get involved here!

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