Baby Shower

A Virtual Baby Shower for Megan

Our friend Megan (who blogs at Stetted) is set and ready to have her second child and this weekend a small group of mutual friends came together to throw Megan a surprise baby shower (big thanks to “B” her husband for the coordination).  The rouse was our friends Kathryn and Stephanie would be coming over for brunch Sunday.  Little did Megan know it would include a few other of her friends and as I walked through the door with my pasta marinara dish and balloons Megan asked “I really need to know how many people are coming really?”  Steph, Kathryn and I giggled and said “a few.”

What was so great about this brunch aside from celebrating Megan’s bun in the oven, is that we all brought dishes that could be frozen so that after the baby is born Megan and Bob already have easily prepared meals, just have to pop them in the oven.  It was a lovely feast with a great group of friends celebrating a new life coming into the world, Megan and her family.

And today we’re doing it all over again virtually so Megan’s friends outside of Austin can help celebrate her as well.  Here is a list of the other bloggers/dishes they created:

Since I didn’t get to make up a dish for Sunday’s event, I will be whipping up some Oatmeal Peach Betty this week to drop off at Megan’s, as peaches are just coming into season here in Texas .  It’s a perfect breakfast treat with a cup of coffee (Megan has a new coffee bar in her house that’s adorable) or for dessert.

Congratulations Megan to you and your family on welcoming this new little boy into the world.  Megan your already such a great mom and it will be a joy to watch you raise another son, teaching him how to eat healthy and laughing with him just as you do with “R” today!


Photo Credit:  Kathryn Hutchison


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