Austin City Guide 2014 – Sunflower Vietnamese

AFBA City Guide 2014

Originally hailing from San Francisco, finding authentic Vietnamese food here in Austin has been a challenge.  I fortunately stumbled across Sunflower Cafe in NW Austin.  This is a family run business and the family also originally hails from San Francisco, which made me feel at home in this restaurant immediately.

Open for lunch and dinner, Sunflower Cafe offers up traditional Vietnamese dishes that are tried and true, as well as low cost.  There are many gluten-free options, as the owners primarily use rice flour in many of their dishes that are fried (at the time of this post Sunflower Cafe was using a separate fryer) and rice noodles.

Springs Rolls, Imperial Rolls, Vegetarian Rolls – Sunflower has you covered.  Hot Pot is also on the menu at Sunflower, however, my favorite dish is the Seafood Crepe.  A crispy rice flour crepe filled with shrimp calamari, sprouts and mung bean and served with lettuce wraps.

Low cost, quick service, Sunflower is a sure bet for classic Vietnamese food.


8557 Research Blvd # 146
Austin, TX 78758 (Map & Directions)
(512) 339-7860

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