BBQ & Bourdain

Last Sunday rolled around and I was excited to head downtown to get a taste of just what John Mueller is serving up on South 1st Street at his mobile BBQ joint.  It’s no surprise I’m a big fan of Aaron Franklin and Franklin BBQ, but I’d been dying to try out BBQ from John Mueller, especially considering his history, and don’t even get me started on last months cover of Texas Monthly!

And to up the excitement of the day, Anthony Bourdain‘s love affair with Austin, TX was playing out before my eyes, as Bourdain and his crew popped by to eat some BBQ and shoot a little film for No Reservations.


It was interesting to see the process of a series being filmed and Bourdain’s crew is totally class act, very friendly, obviously have a great time and love what they do. I really appreciated the social media staff taking time out to talk about the Lytro camera she was using.  Bourdain was also there with Prophets of Smoked Meat author Daniel Vaughn (Check out Daniel’s blog: Full Custom Gospel BBQ), the second book to be published under Bourdain’s new ECCO line of books for publisher Harper Collins.  The book will be a culinary tour of the best Texas BBQ.

It really was the perfect way to spend a Sunday!  BBQ, Bourdain & friends (got to hang out with @ATXFoodNews and her family, as well as @stephaniedelk (two of the crew from Bitches Who Brunch (We’re a group of ladies who love to let our hair down and relax over scrumptious food and delicious drinks).

So go get yourself some JMueller BBQ. . . It’s finger licking good!  And for those eating on the gluten-free tip: Skip the bread and the sauce comes on the side (I didn’t have a chance to ask if the sauce was gluten-free).

JMueller BBQ Info:
1502 South First Austin, TX 78704
Hours: 10:30AM – we sell out of food (Wednesday-Sunday)
Phone: 512.229.7366 
Twitter: @JMuellerBBQ
Photograph’s Courtesy of:
Texas Monthly
Rachelle King of Blinded By The Bite!

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