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I’ve been tweeting about my modified gluten-free, paleo, vegan diet (it’s not a diet it’s really a life style) and people have asked me to share just what it is I am eating. So here is a quick look:

Yesterday’s Meal:

Breakfast: Kind Nut Bar/Granny Smith Apple

Snack: Two slice of Swiss Cheese/Celery Sticks

Lunch: Turkey Burger w/ Basil Pesto, tomato, onion & arugula (from HopDoddy on S. Congress )-Gluten Free no bun

Snack: Kind Bar (Chocolate Brownie) (No sugar/Gluten-free)

Dinner: Black Beans, 4 slices of Turkey w/lettuce/tomato

The Kind Bars, cheese and black beans are not considered part of the paleo diet, however, are acceptable as gluten-free options. I am slowly reducing such items from my meals & trying to eat more items from the paleo list of recommended foods.

Here are two of the links I use as a resource for the paleo diet:

http://paleodietlifestyle.com/ (Great resource that combines paleo/gluten-free/dairy free options)



There are some similarities between the gluten-free & paleo diet, however, items such as potatoes, corn, rice and quinoa are not part of the paleo diet.  You have to see how your body reacts to taking these items out of your diet.  If you feel better leave them out and add in more fruits, vegetables, and nuts from the recommended list of paleo food items.

Where do I struggle with this type of eating? I love potatoes, rice & corn.  I eat a limited amount of now so I don’t overload on carbohydrates/starches.  Corn is a staple in my diet due to having Celiac’s Disease (I cannot have wheat flour), but I am reducing the amount of corn products I eat as well (usually it’s corn tortilla’s once or twice a week).

I know this – I am feeling better as I take out or reduce items that are to be eaten in moderation or avoided based on the paleo food list.  It’s a balancing act that I am refining along the way!  Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

*Note: Before beginning any diet, please consult with a nutritionist or your physician.  I am not a registered dietitian and the above information is based on my working with a nutritionist locally here in Austin.

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