Gluten & Allergen Free Expo

Come join me at this weekends premiere gluten-free event in San Francisco!

I had the pleasure of being exposed for the 1st time to the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo last year in Chicago at the Nourished Food Blogger Conference in April.  I had never been to a gluten-free food expo, so I was really excited to see what products would be available for me to dapple in!  Many of the vendors/companies that provided our lunch at the Nourished Food Blogger Conference also participated in the Gluten and Allergen Free Food Expo.  Let me just tell you I had one of the most kick-ass gluten free lunches I’d had in some time!

Gluten-Free, Blinded by the Bite!

Food from Gluten & Allergen Free Expo

So when the opportunity came up to head to San Francisco for this weekend’s conference I jumped at it for a few reasons.  One, I get to attend the expo again and see what new and exciting gluten-free products are coming out on the market.  Two, I relocated to Austin, TX from San Francisco 4 years ago and haven’t really been back home as much as I’d like this last year.  Three, who doesn’t want to spend a fabulous weekend in San Francisco?

The expo not only will have access to great new gluten-free products, but there is also an opportunity to take classes with some trail blazers from the gluten-free community!  Here’s a sneak peak at just some of the classes for Saturday – You can check the full schedule of classes here:

  • 10:00 ¬ 11:00
  • Melinda Dennis
  • Part I ¬ What if I Still Have Symptoms But I¬â„¢m Gluten Free? 
  • 11:15 ¬ 12:15
  • Amy Burkhart, MD
  • Part II ¬ What if I Still Have Symptoms But I¬â„¢m Gluten Free? 
  • 12:30 ¬ 1:30
  • Carol Fenster
  • Pie Crust 101: Healthy Pies, Crumbles, Crisps from Traditional to Healthy Versions 
  • 3:00 ¬ 4:00
  • Naomi Poe
  • Deglutenizing the Hidden Source of Contaminants

The vendor fair is open to the public and runs from Saturday 2/9 to Sunday 2/10 10am – 4pm daily with over 100 vendors sampling and selling their gluten and allergen free products!

Tickets are $20.00 per adult and children ages 3-12 are $5.00.  You can get tickets online (my suggestion – lines can get quite long) or at the door. They’re close to selling out so don’t miss this opportunity to taste some great gluten and allergen free foods, as well as listen to some excellent talks! Can’t wait to see you there – make sure to tweet me at @BlindedBite using the hashtag #GFAFExpo

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