Gluten-Free: Health Matters

One thing I’ve been struggling with since being diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease is my weight fluctuates up and down.  I grew up playing sports through college and was always very health, ate right and never really had to watch what I ate.  Now with Celiac’s Disease, I find it a constant struggle.  I shy away from many of the pre-mixed boxed products due to ingredients I am just not comfortable ingesting, but as of late I have gained more weight.

I met with my internist today to review all of my blood work and darn if everything didn’t come back clean as a whistle.  What makes it even more difficult is I have three disks out in my lower spine and one in my neck so running is out of the question.  I wish I could run and every time I read @Natanyap’s tweets about her just completing x-amount of miles it still gives me hope, but that is not a reality for me today.

I’m meeting with my internist and an endocrinologist next week to hopefully get some answers to what’s going on in this not so little body of mine.  Celiac’s Disease  can be very perplexing and finding the right balance can be tough.  I am finding that even with removing gluten from my diet, I am now having to focus on removing  refined sugars and was really shocked to find that sugar is in so much of what we eat!!

In an attempt to reduce my stress level and make it easy on myself the next few weeks, I’ve decided to pick up my meals for lunch and dinner from Snap Kitchen.  Everything is perfectly gluten-free and I even have the option of selecting diabetic options (not that I am anywhere near being diabetic), as well as paleo options.  I am hoping that this will kick-start the weight loss and improve my attitude!

Plus Snap Kitchen has a brand new salad bar I’m dying to try out & thanks for the invite!

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