Guest Blog Post: Notes from Maggie’s Farm on an Evening with Michael Pollan

It was with honor that I got to hold a giveaway for tickets to a “Meet & Greet with Michael Pollan” at HausBar Farms, as well as giveaway two tickets to “An Evening with Michael Pollan” at The Paramount Theatre.   This was a rare opportunity to get to meet the man who has and continues to influence our food system, shedding light and honesty onto what we eat as a society, as well as how nature and culture intersect.

Last year I had the honor thanks to Keeper Collections to attend Michael Pollan’s talk at the University of Texas at Austin, and it really reinforced the importance of knowing where your food comes from and eating healthier.  And now I got to pay it forward with this giveaway!

Even more to my delight was one of the winners, Maggie, my dear friend who writes the fabulous blog “Notes from Maggie’s Farm,” also owns/works her own farm, producing some of the most amazing artisan farm fresh products agreed to write a guest blog post here about the evenings event with Michael Pollan!

I knew reading Maggie’s guest blog post “Eat food.  Not too much. Mostly plants – An Evening with Michael Pollan” would delight and fancy my culinary taste buds, as well as those who are lovers of eating locally and knowing the importance of what is in your food and where it comes from!

Maggie captured a quote from Michael Pollan that resonated for me:

¬Å“The shared meal elevates eating from a mechanical process of fueling the body to a ritual of family and community, from the mere animal biology to an act of culture.¬Â ¬â€¢ Michael Pollan

From here I will let Maggie’s Guest Blog Post shine, as Maggie’s post reinforces how important it is for us to slow down, enjoy our food, eat locally and understand what we are eating and where are food comes from, as well as a fabulous recipe:  Fennel Roasted Beets on Mixed Greens with Blue Cheese and Spiced Candied Almond.

Thank you Maggie for this wonderful guest blog post and I am so happy you had such a great time at the Michael Pollan event!


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