Crazy Busy at Blinded by the Bite!

It’s been a crazy busy few month’s here at Blinded by the Bite!  It’s funny I feel like different ingredients for a recipe or a mixed bag of nuts (ha)!  June kicked off with my speaking at BlogHer Food on how to turn your blog into a small business.  Great topic, loved my co-panelist!

BlogHer Food

 As June moved along I’ve been gallivanting across the country since traveling to:

  • Washington, DC / Virginia
  • Florida (specifically Ft. Lauderdale area)
  • San Francisco (the saying is true I left my heart in San Francisco & man in the blazing summer heat I missed it even more)
  • Seattle, WA – Wow what a great state so beautiful set between gorgeous waterways and majestic snow-capped mountains
  • Boulder, CO – If I was going to move outside of Austin, this would be one of my top pic’s! The lifestyle lends to great food, good music, an eclectic mix of people and you can be outside all year round!  Keeping this in the back of my mind!

I will be sharing my wonderful travels to these cities, the food I ate, the culture I experienced.  It’s all really great stuff!

KitchenAid® published my Gluten-Free Ricotta Pancakes recipe on KitchenAid’s blog “The Kitchenthusiast” – It’s a partnership I’m proud of and love developing recipes to share with so many!  Here are some pick’s from the blog post:

KitchenAid Blog

Blinded by the Bite! coming to a city near you!!  I will be traveling again through October and visiting the following cities enjoy the edible delights they have to offer:

  • New Orleans, LA
  • Boston, MA
  • Cambridge, MA
  • Newhaven, CT
  • New York
  • Florida

I’ve got some great blog post I’m working on for my 1st round of trips that I can’t wait to share here on the blog!

In bigger news!!  I will be heading to Naples, FL the last week of October/1st week of November to take part in a health immersion program.  I’m very excited to learn some new cooking techniques, about food addictions (hello – that would be me with Coca~Cola), and work with some of the top back specialist in the country!  It’s supposed to be life changing and I’m ready for a healthier new me!

It’s crazy how time flies!  I went into Costco the other day and they’ve already got Christmas decorations out (seriously).  I’m sure you’ve got kids who’ve headed back to school, football season starts Saturday and it’s Labor Day Weekend!  Enjoy this weekend with your family and friends!



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