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Last week I met the owners Abdul & Maria of the Moroccan food trailer The Flying Carpet, located on South Congress/Gibson, to have a gluten-free dinner, as Maria was wanting to be educated on just what a gluten-free meal consists of and how it can be prepared without any cross contamination.  I was thrilled to share my knowledge and understanding of gluten-free meal preparation and even more thrilled that the owners of The Flying Carpet were taking such an interest.

In looking at The Flying Carpet menu, there really is not much you cannot have if you’re a gluten-free diner, with the exception of the bread, however, any of their menu options can be prepared without the bread.  I inquired as to just how the meals are prepared and how the bread products are handled.  Abdul explained to me that the bread products are stored/heated separately and don’t come into contact with the grill where the meals are cooked.  I explained that cross contamination can happen if the bread was heated on the same surface and in the handling of the bread products while preparing the food.  Both Abdul and Maria understood the importance of cross contamination and now how to prepare a gluten-free meal and are excited to be able to begin offering gluten-free menu items.

The meal that was so graciously prepared consisted of the following:

Maria started us off with a Slata of mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions with a homemade garlic, lemon, chili vinaigrette dressing.  The dressing is Maria’s recipe and it rocks!  Then came the main feast, which was comprised of a variety of item from the menu and displayed beautifully on a platter by Abdul.  The Moroccan Burger, made with fresh organic beef and seasoned with spices that are acceptable for gluten-free diners, fried eggs and greens, eggplant grilled to perfection with a tomato sauce, which is more the consistency of a chutney (Abdul you could bottle & sell this by itself it’s so delicious), Falafel and Pomme Frites.

The meat was cooked and seasoned to perfection.  The fried egg and greens with the tomato sauce I would eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and then lick the plate clean of the left over sauce.  The Falafel was fresh and the Pomme Frites – Abdul you seasoned them to perfection!

Abdul and Maria care about the food they prepare for their customers and place an emphasis on providing the best products, as all of their meats and produce are organic and locally grown.  They also have vegetarian options on their menu that are just as delicious.

So if you have not been down to The Flying Carpet, hurry over to enjoy the wonderful Moroccan cuisine this couple is providing to the City of Austin!  Check out their Facebook page & add them as a friend!

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