Lemon Saffron Rice


Here is a Lemon Saffron Rice I donated to the Giving Table’s campaign “Feed South Africa” in partnership with the Lunch Box Fund.  You can find the original blog post over on my blog here and you can check out the other bloggers who contributed their post to this great campaign!




  • Talya Tate Boerner

    13.02.2014 at 13:13

    I can’t imagine being hungry. Rice is a wonderful food and I’m proud to be a rice farmer. I will make a donation. Thanks for raising awareness!

    • Rachelle

      14.02.2014 at 07:54

      Talya – I agree I can’t imagine only have a piece of fruit or bread for the entire day. We are so lucky and that is why when Nicole asked I said yes!! Wow how amazing to be a rice farmer. I love the beauty of rice growing and had not seen the process up close & personal until I moved here to Texas. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog post and for making a donation/paying it forward!

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