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There are several gluten-free resources available online for those whom are gluten intolerant and/or have Celiac Disease, however, one of my top picks is Stuffed Pepper Gluten-Free. You & Me â„¢!  What makes this website stand about above the rest you ask?  It’s about community and has been “created by those whom are gluten-free, for gluten-free people,” which means so much, as they understand what it means to be gluten-intolerant or to have Celiac Disease!  So it’s important to keep such a resource going and that’s what today’s post is all about! Stuffed Pepper Gluten-Free. You & Me â„¢ is looking to expand and provide the gluten-free community with more delicious content thus they are looking for backers on!

Stuffed Pepper’s website includes recipes, restaurant reviews, product reviews, articles and various forums to share information, experiences and weigh in on important discussions concerning your health and how to live a gluten-free lifestyle.  So many within the gluten-free community have found the website to be such a helpful resource.

Who’s behind Stuffed Pepper? Heather Jacobson launched Stuffed Pepper in October 2011, as she’d discovered she was gluten-intolerant back in 2001.  Understanding the importance of community after having navigated her way through a “glutenous” world, Heather recognized the need for such a community where individuals could share their experience, recipes and get support.  Hold on to your hats as Heather has pulled together a fabulous mix of experts as part of Stuffed Pepper Gluten-Free. You & Me â„¢ !

Here’s the breakdown:

With such a sound group behind Stuffed Pepper Gluten-Free. You & Me â„¢ it’s easy to add my name to the list supporting such a wonderful resource for our gluten-free community! Won’t you be a founding member of Stuffed Pepper – Click here to add your name to founding member!

In addition to being a founding member of Stuffed Pepper Gluten-Free. You & Me â„¢, there are some awesome pledge packages – Get in on the ground floor of this fabulous community website dedicated to the gluten-free community!

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