Take Time for Ten Things

It’s funny how in life sometimes, you get just what you need!  Might not like seem like it the moment, I surely know I’ve had my times where I was like “seriously I don’t need any more character building exercises. But its when precious little gems like the one I am sharing here, makes me believe in something bigger than myself.  I don’t know what your belief or religious inclinations are, it really doesn’t matter, you know when it happens to you and it happened to me yesterday!

In preparing to move (which I don’t know if I am staying in Austin or moving out of state) in packing up all my cookbooks, my mom came across a community cookbook of my grandmothers.  As I’ve shared here before, I grew up baking with my grandmother, she was really a second mother to me and when we lost her two years ago, it’s just been such a loss.  I have days where “that bitch named grief” smacks me up side the head when I’m not looking.  But it’s in those moments, those precious little gems present themselves, you just know the universe is bigger than you or me.

Upon opening the community cookbook, which was published in 1976 by Commemorative Cook Books, there she was, or as other likes to refer to it the magical unicorn.  I immediately started crying – – – I know it might sound crazy, but I knew it was my grandmother sending me a message everything I’ve been going through the last six months, I was going to be ok, it was all going to work out.

What you ask made me think this and respond so emotionally? Ten simple things we should all take head of:




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