Wordless Wednesday – A Lesson in Grief

Wordless Wednesday  – A Lesson in Grief

It’s been a rough few weeks, as last Friday we buried my grandmother.  The last few days I’ve found myself all out of sorts, unable to concentrate, angry one moment, in tears the next.  What I like to refer to ask “Cranky Toddler Syndrome.”

I find myself grasping to come to terms with the loss of my grandmother, who really was more like my mother.  I came across this picture on Pinterest from Random House Books and it resonated for me in light of recent events.  I don’t want to get “stuck” on this page of grief, but I also know I have to allow myself time to grieve.  What does that mean?  I am grief’s bitch at the moment! It means I have to be good to myself over the next few weeks, remember to breathe, allow myself to miss my grandmother, taking time out to do something nice for myself.

I’m heading to San Francisco this Friday and have time set-up to spend with old friends and new.  I have a massage scheduled – That is being good to myself for sure!  It will be good to plant my feet in San Francisco, as it was my home before moving to Austin.

I will take moments to stand still, breathe in the sea air, delight in the sounds of the sea lions basking in the sun and enjoy all the familiar sights and sounds San Francisco has to offer me this weekend.

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