WORLDFOODS Thai Curry Giveaway

WORLDFOODS is giving away 180 jars of their Thai Curry sauces to readers from each Fusion Taste Teams, which means five of my readers have a chance at winning a jar!

To enter head over to WORLDFOODS Facebook page and enter the sweepstakes and enter password TXFTT to show that you’re a reader of the Texas Taste Team.  The sweepstakes run until November 30th (by no later than 3:59pm Pacific Standard Time).

Check out the Texas Taste Team’s earlier posts using WORLDFOODS sauces:

More on World Fusion Texas Taste Team:

Texas Taste Team is made of the following food writers/bloggers:

Each of us will be posting a series of blog posts on the dishes we create using the WORLDFOODS sauces.  I can¬â„¢t wait to see what my team mates come up with when preparing their dishes, as they all of excellent taste buds!

Make sure to follow each of our blogs/twitter for updates on the competition and  WORLDFOODS channels (see below):

Twitter:  @fusiontasteteam


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