Come To The Table -You Cooked What? I’ll Swap You!

For my “Come to the Table” series I wanted to feature Austin Food Swappers (#ATXSwappers), an event hosted by Kate (@Hipgirls), Megan (@Stetted) & Sarah (@texpatsabroad).  I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first food swap, but was excited to make gluten-free bakes goods for the event to educate others just how tasty eating gluten-free can be!

How the Swap Works:

Our food swap is a place where you can trade an item you made for another item that someone else made. Items are swapped 1-for-1. For example:

You have a loaf of bread to swap.

You’ll wrap it up and be prepared to take home in trade for that loaf, a jar of some home-preserved goodness, a half-dozen backyard eggs, a bag of homemade crackers or cookies, or whatever you see on the table that looks good to you.

You can bring as many items (the same or all different, whatever) to trade as you’d like. We usually bring 10 or so  items each, but some folks make big batches of things and end up with 20 or more individual items. The more you bring, the more you take home in the end. All items should be packaged with the principle in mind that all packaged items are equal (i.e. don’t expect to take home two items for your one).

History of Food Swaps:

The history of food swaps date back to the early 1900’s from what I found from researching the topic.  Many families would exchange goods as they didn’t live close to city centers.  Military men would swap the MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat), and in times of war many food swaps took place due to food shortages.  Food swaps are all the rage lately and are popping up in every major city!

What I made for the Swap:

I figured making  two different bakes goods would be well received with item being gluten-free.  I chose to make brownies and bacon cheddar scones.  Plus the brownies I make with the King Arthur Brownie Mix are amazing! I add in nuts and the finishing touch is I swirl in a Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar (purchased from Con’ Olio).  The scones I made I utilized Bona Dea’s Scone Mix adding in buttermilk, bacon & cheddar cheese.

When is the next swap?

The next ATXSwappers is taking place at Tecolote Farms April 10th.  There is currently a wait list (yes it’s that amazing & fun)!  If you would like more information on the recipes for the gluten-free brownies & scones, please email me directly via my website

Photos courtesy of Jo Ann Santangelo

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