Gluten-Free Cooking: Frito-Lay & The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

When I saw the email sitting in my inbox from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, I squealed with delight, as I was selected as one of five bloggers/food writers to participate in testing gluten-free recipes that highlight Frito-Lay’s gluten-free products. Which recipe do I get to test – Chipotle Frito Meringues of course (so Texas)! And to top it off Frito Lay & The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness are holding a Gluten-Free Giveaway (see more details below on how to enter)!

See you might not understand my squeal of delight; I loved Frito’s so much as a kid I used to stuff my cheeks with them as I loved corn chips so so much (are you getting the visual – I basically looked like a chipmunk)! And now as an adult with Celiac’s Disease, to be involved in helping to promote gluten-free awareness in a product I’ve loved since childhood = Winning!

So here’s the skinny – Five bloggers/food writers will be testing the following recipes and will be writing about their experience testing the recipes, which are as follows:

Chocolate and Potato Chip Cookies
Recipe tester: Cheryl McEvoy of Gluten-Free Hot Products – July 9, 2012

Baked Stuffed Tomatoes
Recipe tester: Erin Smith of Gluten-Free Fun – July 11, 2012

Tostitos Crust Party Quiches
Recipe tester: Laura Hanley of G-Free Laura – July 13, 2012

Chipotle Frito Meringues
Recipe tester: Rachelle King of Blinded by the Bite! – July 16, 2012

Frito Waffles with Mascarpone & Warm Strawberry Compote
Recipe tester: Jenny Manseau of Creative Cooking Gluten-Free – July 18, 2012

So far two of the five recipes have been posted on NFCA’s website! I am so excited to be testing this recipe – Going totally southwest flavors and can’t wait to share the photo’s next week!

Remember . . .Enter to win a Gluten-Free Giveaway from Frito-Lay. Simply fill out the form here and you could win the gluten-free products featured in these recipes. Winner will be announced on NFCA’s Facebook page on Friday, July 20.

Learn more about Frito-Lay’s gluten-free products at

Learn more about the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness at

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Photo Credit: & National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

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