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In this weeks “Come To The Table” blog series I thought I would address the issue of serving a gluten-free Seder meal with Passover being this week.  Most Kosher foods, most not all, are gluten-free, however, there are some classic favorites (e.g. Matzo Ball Soup) are not traditionally gluten-free.

The Passover holiday lasts a total of seven or eight days, with the first night of Passover beginning with a ceremonial dinner, called a Seder, where the story of the exodus is told.  Seder menu’s can vary.  The major dietary restriction during Passover consists of the ban of leavened bread, or Chametz.  Chametz is as bread made from (wheat, oat, spelt, rye, or barley) flour that has been in contact with water for more than 18 minutes and therefore had a chance to rise. Before Passover, the house is traditionally cleansed of Chametz.  With having Celiac’s Disease, I don’t keep these items in my home, as they are not ingredients I can consume, so one less step in preparing for Passover.

Here is my gluten-free Seder menu for Passover:

Sephardic Chicken Soup with Sofrito & Herbed Matzo Balls (Recipe from

Potato Leek Soup (Recipe from

Braised Veal (Recipe from

Balsamic Mixed Roast Vegetables (Recipe from

Apple Rhubarb Cobbler (Recipe from

*Note: I replaced regular bacon in the Potato Leek Soup recipe with duck bacon and used duck stock in lieu of chicken stock. I used gluten-free Matzo in lieu of regular Matzo (can be purchased at Whole Foods Markets) when called for in recipes.

With my entire family out-of-town during the holiday, I thought I would pull my favorite kosher/Seder recipes and celebrate Passover, as my mom and I usually prepare the Passover Seder together, however, I am looking forward to preparing this meal!

If your still lost as to what to do for Passover or this is your first Passover check out’sThe Ultimate Passover Meal Planner” – It covers everything from meal planning, recipes, kosher wines, Seder plates & more!

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