Wordless Wednesday – Saveur Magazine’s Travel Edition

For me food is about a connection.  Food is what connects us all.  It is the universal common denominator, the conversation starter, it’s worth the fight!  I am lucky enough to work in the food industry and travel for my job.  While on a quick turn around trip to Atlanta, I picked up the latest edition of Saveur Magazine, which funny happenstance was their “Travel Edition” – 100 favorite places, tools, ingredients, cookbooks, recipes, restaurants and more (Jan/Feb 2013)!  Of course being on newly bona-fide Texan (been in Austin for 5 years this month), I was of course delighted to see a large bottle of TopoChico on the cover but wondered what took you all so long to tap into the flavor of this wonderful drink!

But more to the point . . . In this edition the opening article “First” penned by James Oseland, Editor-in-Chief, resonated for me so completely.  I like to fashion myself a Culinary Sojourneralways looking for that perfect meal in whatever city will have me.  Oseland’s words on the page were how I have felt lately.  “Having this connection to the world is a lucky thing.”


Atlanta, GA | December 2012 | Blinded by the Bite!

I am so lucky to be able to travel for my job and take time out to explore the food cities have to offer.  I am looking forward to my travels in 2013 and the commitment to continuing to explore the connection food provides me to different cities around the world and the people who lovingly prepare it.  And what a joy to be able to document and share it here with you on my website/blog!

P.S. Yes I know this is not a wordless post but I can’t help but be passionate about food & travel!  wink wink – Rachelle


Photography Credit:
Saveur Magazine Cover – Bonnier Corp | Wright Media
All other photos by Rachelle King | Blinded by the Bite!

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